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small cell lung cancer spread to the spine

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My mother in law has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer that has spread to the spine. She has been told that without treatment she has four months to live or twice that with treatment. However, another doctor in the hospital has told us that it is treatable. Has anyone had a similar experience? What is the likely prognosis

kate jock
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Hello, and I hope you and your family are managing to cope with this dreadful disease. I have small cell lung cancer, but only went for a bone scan the other day, so I don't know exactly where it has spread to. I wish I had a magical answer that solve all your problems, but I can only say that at this stage of the game, your Mother in law has the right to life just as much as any other human being. If there is a doctor who can offer her treatment, then go with it. Tell her to grab the chance with both hands. Lots a love Kate jock xxxx
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I was just DX with small cell also; I am going this week to see if it has spread. I am getting a PET SCAN & MRI. It is a medical PRACTICE. Dr's do consults even with each other. It is not an exact science, if some other Dr has said it is treatable does that mean curable? any postive answer to me is worth persuing. It sounds like her's is Extensive type. I hope she is hanging in there. What does she want? I pray for us all this other Dr. can do something the others cannot. Maybe he has studied small cell more. Is she on chemo now?

Good luck, please let me know how it goes.Thanks
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hi everyone im from the usa,happened on this site because it seems more active than the ones we have here... my wife has small cell cancer.DONT let anyone tell you its untreatable!!!She was diagnossed in october of 07.with a 7 cm mass in right lung with mets to the surrounding lymph nodes.She was given combination chemotherapy (cisplatin and carbo something)additionaly at the same time the lung tumor was radiated.when these treatments ended they did a preventitive radiation treatment series on her head as brain mets are real common.After 2 mo they scanned her again,and it metastisized to her thyroid,worsening her status from "limited" to "advanced",told she was going to go in 2-4 months.They switched her over to a chemo called topotecan,and we have had a wonderful summer with ned(no evedence of disease)The topotecan seems to be working wonders,is mild on her(shes eaven getting her hair back)and seems to be doing the trick.Small cell is nasty, fast growing,and has a poor prognosis BUT it cant take radiation at all...the whole trick is getting scanned and finding new growth and radiating it as soon as possible...thats our drs plan and so far,so good.God bless,hope all works out for you