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help from friends

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Just a little note for Twirly, who to me is a breath of fresh air, managing to pick me up when I feel down, as well as Arose who is another person I look to for guidance. Please keep up your good spirited news and answers for everybody. Not all people may like or understand your answers but we are ALL in the same boat so we must ALL keep everyone afloat. Hirtabil says he sits on the sideline, as do I, but I read every ones news everyday. Some makes me sad some makes me so happy that there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel xxxx

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Hear, hear! I'm the same, quietly sitting on the sideline, but keeping up with everybody's news, sad and happy.

Don't be put off Twirly, you and everyone on this site are here for each other in whatever way they can be, nobody has all the answers not even the doctors and specialists. It's a hideous disease, but treatments are developing and changing every day.

Everyone keep doing what you do best....that means you to Twirly....Listening, caring and being supportive, cos that's all we can do. Xx B
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I agree. There are special wonderful people in here who are so supportive. I don't know what I would do without them and twirly you are certainly one of them. You are a fantastic lovely special lady. Sending you huge massive big hugs and loads of love. Jo xxxxxxxx
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When I log on to my pc (not every night!!) first thing I do is look at Macmillan activity, NOT facebook, and my friends & people I know are on facebook, so that says it all MACMILLAN are my new family & friends.  I just love to hear something or some reply from Twirly or Arose, you guys are such an inspiration, always there, always answering our call. It means SO much. thank you.

Like others I don't share everything, but once I hit a problem I am on here like a lite & ALWAYS get a    great response. thank you to everyone that watches this community. xx

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Hi Joan and hope you are keeping well?Yes I love this many encouraging and kind people and I am always thankful for people who have been there before me and are able to offer information and help. I also use inspire because there are lots of Tarceva users on there but I have stopped using it much because I find it quite harsh at times and I think that would be the last thing any of us,whether we have cancer or are partners or caregivers, would need.There was another user Lindyblack who was a similar age and experience and she hasn't been on for a few months.I hope Twirly will continue her support...often it seems shes the only one who replies..and Al Rose who I hope will continue to spur us on! Julie x

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Hi everyone,

I've just been scrolling through to see what I've missed and come across this thread, which is stunning. I'm chuffed & humbled at the same time because I never really felt I was doing anything more than giving out the info. I had or pointing in the right direction if I didn't have first-hand knowledge. I hate statistics so  one of my biggest faults is to give my opinion instead of facts. Very naughty, and as a Community Champ, not recommended. That's partly why I stepped down; the rest because I was just plain tired, after two years here , getting a bit tetchy, and it showed

 I'm by no means cured of course, and I now have a bowel problem too, but hey, where's the fun in having nothing to worry about? !!!

Since you've all been so kind & encouraging, I will pop in from time to time to see if anyone wants some company, especially as the Chatroom is down for a while. 

Julie I'm sorry to tell you that we lost Lindyblack a few weeks ago. She put up a tremendously humorous and gutsy resistance but it wasn't to be. There's a FB page full of photos of her - about 100 I think - so if you'd like the link, send me a PM (she has a different surname there).

 A word about relying on cannabis, cannabis oil and "cancer-beating" foods - they didn't work for Lindy, though she had a good 19 months before everything fell apart for her.

You're all so right about Alrose, he's a diamond & any time you need a guy who'll give you encouragement as well as facts with a light touch, he's your man.

Thanks again everyone, you're all stars.

Love & hugs,

Twirly xxx

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Thanks for that Twirly at least Iknow what happened to Lindy.I don't do face book. From tomorrow I am starting taking baking soda and molasses.My dear husband fell about laughing when I told him!But the doctors cant offer me a cure and it cant do any harm so I'm going to give it a try! CT scan tomorrow after 96 days of Tarceva......will get results on 3 December.Still working and living a normal life. Got my blue badge on Friday....Scarey to use it because I look fine and can still run...a bit and climb in and out of the Ttransit.I might get stoned by the disabled community!Ah well watch this space for scan results!!!And Twirly.....just keep on!We need you! xxx