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Feeling sad....

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Today my sister and I attended our dad's first Oncology appointment only to be told what we feared and suspected. The cancer in his lung, spine and liver is beyond treatment and he is far too weak to receive any. We were given a prognosis of 3 months. He was offered, and consented to if possible from his biopsy results, a course of cancer drugs as part of a clinical trial. We are both thinking that this has given him the placebo effect of offering a solution or cure to make him better, but I can't help feeling sad that in my dad's incurable state he has knowingly become a guinea pig!!! I am so very torn between feeling we are making a big difference in helping, yet, in his vulnerable position, giving him false hope? I am sure this is a normal doubt / feeling and would love to hear from anybody else who is in this position. 

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Dear Halleblue,

my husband, Brian, also has lung cancer (non-smoker) which has gone to his bones and liver. He has had 4 courses of chemo and has now been offered to take part on a clinical trial for Pazopanib/lpacebo. May be the same one as your Dad's, apparently it has had good results in kidney cancer and they are now trialling it for lung.

No-one can tell for certain how long anyone has left- Brian had pneumonia and a lung abscess in August, was in hospital for 3 weeks and I have learned recently that they only expected him to last days and he is still here.

I would also say that any hope is worthwhile , keep strong. Lots of love to you, your Dad and your sister.

If you haven't done it already, you may find it helpful to join the Carers group where you will receive help, advice and love from others in the same situation.

Much love

Sandra xx