Matalistic lung cancer

Hi everyone my cancer started in my bowel in 2019 then spread to my lung then in my liver I've had surgery and the midsection of my right lung was taken away then last year I had part of my liver reBlushved I always had a small spot in my left lung at this time but a scan shows its now in both lungs and surgery isn't an option ve had four bouts of chemo and have to go in tomorrow for another rouBlush do you know how long untill the chemo has no affect I will ask my oncoligist but wanted to share I'm in top form considering Blush it's the chemotherapy that will k ock me down again I also would love to know how long I have but I'm told that all depends on the patient takecare every one

  • Hi makerfield, welcome to the group, but sorry you find yourself here.  It is good to hear you are doing well, apart from the chemo side effects. The question of a timescale is one that pops up quite a lot here. Do we want to know? Or prefer not to know.  Some people who have asked and have been given a timescale have said they wished they hadn’t asked, but of course once that information is out of the bag, you can’t put it back! 

    There are quite a few people on the site that have far outlived their original timescale. Treatments have come such a long way in recent years, and people are living with an incurable but treatable cancer for much longer. 

    I hope the chemo goes well for you today x 


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