Mum - SCLC - A little bit of good news

Early July Diagnosis - My Mum, 77, has SCLC Mets on lymph, liver and spine and was given 6 weeks to live without Chemo - 6plus Months with Chemo - today after scan last week and two rounds of Chemo done, it has reduced the cancer by a 3rd - She is such a superstar. - Now on to 3rd Round of Chemo tomorrow

There is hope xx

  • Hi Toppy

    This is great news!  SCLC does often respond very well to chemo.

    There is always hope.

    Kegsy x

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  • Thank you -we thought we would lose her quick.  Her initial 6 weeks was up last week. She is a strong person and she always looks after herself - in the sense of eating healthy but high fat foods, although she is a very small/slight person.

    She is a powerhouse just now Stuck out tongue winking eye.....Very proud of her xx

  • Hi, hope you don’t mind me butting in , I’m in a similar situation, SCLC diagnosed in early December last year, had 4 rounds of the same chemo and immunotherapy your mum is on, and a scan after that… very scary, but the cancer had reduced by half, which was fantastic. I am now just on the immunotherapy and my last 2 scans have shown it to be stable . Pretty much stayed the same so I am delighted with that. No idea of my time scale,(didn’t want to know) but feeling quite good and getting on with life as much as is possible.fingers crossed your mum continues to react well to the treatment 


  • Hi Helen, My Mum isnt getting Immunotherapy, only the 4 rounds of Chemo.  But this is great news for you and Thank you so much for sharing - gives me hope.  She is getting her 3rd round this week. She is such a strong person and always upbeat and very positive about this.  Her liver and spine had no change, so that is a bit of a worry.  I asked for timescale as I felt my Mum wasn't taking it seriously.  My Dad has NSCLC, diagnosed in Oct 20 and got no treatment as he wasn't fit enough to cope with it but he is still going strong - I think she was thinking she would be the same as him.  I had read up on SCLC so knew the enormity of it.

    Good Luck to you and may yours stay suppressed as long as possible xx

    T xx

  • I am really happy for you and your mum this is really wonderful news. I hope your mum continues well on her treatment. x


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  • Thanks Chelle, it is.  There is hope for a little longer xxx

  • may i ask how long from the first scan and the latest scans you hadto wait to see if stable etc. is 12 weeks after being told a tumour has got smaller too long to wait does anyone know

  • Hi, I had my first scan at the end of February after 4 rounds of chemo… then I have scans every 3 months after 4 rounds of immunotherapy (every 3weeks) so my next scan is in 3 months and that will make it nearly a year since I started. The cancer was stable  after the 1st scan just on immunotherapy….  As in…end of May.hope this helps x

  • it certainly did help many thanks

  • Mum got her scan after 2 rounds of chemo - I'd say 8 weeks from Initial scan to scan in-between chemo. she has two more rounds to do and they will just scan her every 3 mnths or so.