Seven weeks post surgery

Hi all

Just a little update.  I'm now 7 weeks post surgery for an upper lobe lobectomy on my right lung. 

Having spoken with my surgeon last week I need no more treatment. I just wanted to share this with you as there are happier endings. I have an appointment in January next year for another scan. They will do these for five years. 

Hopefully I'll keep on this track and I'm hoping others will be on it with me. 

Thanks for reading 


  • Hi Tina. From seeing the consultant and having all the tests to surgery was 5 weeks.  Please don't be anxious about the op.  It was not nearly as bad as I was expecting and I'm a real coward.  Recovery was ok too - just do everything they tell you, exercises and breathing etc.. I have my 1st scan next month.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Thank you again Ruth for replying it will br on for 8 weeks I was just worried while I am waiting it is spreading.

    the waiting is the worse I just  want to get Thursday here I hope they don’t cancel as the bed situation in Plymouth is not great at the moment.

    Tina x

  • Hi Ollie

    I hope you don’t mind me messaging you with some questions 

    did you have keyhole surgery, how did you cope with it 

    what lung cancer did you have ? 

    before surgery did they say you might need other treatment sissy from the surgery as radiotherapy has been mentioned to me 

    did you have any symptoms 

    I am due to go in for surgery on Thursday I am so scared my anxiety is through the roof 

    Tina xx

  • Just been diagnosed this week and due for surgery later this month. Sounds much more extensive than I imagined for a small cancer & I'm not looking forward to it. Your comments have made me feel better & I hope you're continuing to make a good recovery. Thank you.