Morning everyone, I’m up bright and early today ready for my second round of chemotherapy. Feel positive this week and I’m hoping that that continues. Wish me luck please


  • Morning Nicole 

    how are you and your lovely mum .?

    my daughter has got me some  Heul protein powder as my appetite has been really poor after this last treatment and I’ve lost 5 pounds so trying to get my weight back up.

    is t

    it your mums scan today ? Please let me know how she is. Mine is on Tuesday .

    Lots of love xx Mags xx

  • Hi Mags x that’s good your daughter getting protein powder xx I hope it helps xx. My mum lost 2 pound on her last treatment ,she is determined to not loose any and been eating so much xx.  But it’s probably the chemo,  but Mags depending on your next course of treatment you might be on just 1 chemo and 1 immunotherapy and might be able to eat a little better , xx. The nurses say to my mum add butter into everything, no wonder people get heart disease , al that butter going through your body,  xx

    hope u are ok xxx lots of lovexxx Nicole x