Newbie hubby

Hi all I'm new to this forum and not going through this myself, but my husband as been really poorly. After a CT scan last week he was found to have 2 large blood clots one in each lung, they called him in for treatment and also said they had seen a mass in his right lower lobe which they suspected was cancer.

This was Tuesday yesterday we had a phone consultation on Friday and they have told him he also as a nodule in his right lower lobe, his lymph nodes in the centre of his chest are inflammed , he's also got a small nodule in his right upper lobe. He is due to have pet scan hopefully this week and then biopsy. 

Can you tell me at what stage he will get his results? We are really worried and stressed and don't know what to expect.

I'm really worried as he won't eat and he his in alot of pain in his back, we don't know if this is due to blood clots or cancer.

  • Hi there. Many people on here will be able to help you . My Dad gets his scan results within a few days to a week though sometimes we do have to call and chase them up . Try and get him to eat something and plenty of water and give painkillers. My thoughts are with you at such an aweful time 

  • My basic results have always been available to my doctors within 24 hours even if the detailed reports have taken longer.  Doctors don't like giving the results to patients until they have been discussed at an MDT meeting and a treatment plan formulated, though, which can often mean there's a nerve-wracking delay between tests and patients getting the results.

    There will be multiple specialists involved in your husband's care and the test results will determine which specialist takes the lead.  Once you know that you can often negotiate with them about when and how to receive your results.

    Definitely push for better pain relief for your husband while the diagnostic process plays out.

    Treatments for lung cancer have progressed in leaps and bounds over the past decade, so even if that is your husband's ultimate diagnosis, there are still plenty of options available.

    If your husband won't eat, then try to ensure he's keeping his fluids up and try to make at least some of his drinks high calorie.