First chemo session

I had my first session this Tuesday, 2 different chemotherapies and immunotherapy. Haven't been too bad in myself but good gracious the pain in some of my joints especially my knees and the back of my legs is awful. Any suggestions for relief would be appreciated

  • Hi i cannot though i am sure others will come along to advise., just take at moment normal pain killers but on a regular basis.

    Other wise phone your nurse and she will advise you.

    I have had trouble with my joints ever since i first had chemo, then i went on immunotherapy, and that was a couple of years ago, price you some times have to pay.

    Lots here that have had the three at same time, i had two chemo's and when that stopped working the immunnotherapy.

    Take Care Ellie xx


  • Hi Denp,

    I have pain in both my shoulders but particularly my right one and yes the pain at times is awful it takes my breath away. I’ve just been taking paracetamol but to be fair it doesn’t touch it.

    I’m going to try heat pads to see if that helps.
    I think as Ellie said it’s the price we have to pay unfortunately.

    Fi Smirk

  • There are a lot here that suffer with joints it the different treatments/

    Some days are better than others. i are here and that is the main thing.

    Take Care Ellie x


  • Your GP will help don’t just accept pain I have been upgraded on pain meds 4 times so far this condition is so hard to take pain should not be a thing you have to deal with get help and don’t please don’t just put up with it