Our dear friend Gina

It is with a very heavy heart tonight, that I have to say the words I never wanted to say. Unfortunately our dear friend Gina, passed away this morning, at the hospice, with her family by her side. What a brave, caring, funny and wonderful friend.  I promise I shall continue to fill the lifeboat with newbies as they arrive. I’m only sorry they will never get to meet the wonderful you. God bless.

  • I was recently diagnosed with Pancoast tumor and found the Macmillan site. I searched Pancoast tumor and there was brave Gina. Read every one of her posts start to finish.  In that first blog post she was aware this type of lung cancer can result in late diagnosis because the normal warning signs are not there.  I posted my first blog yesterday and like Gina, hope that it might help someone with the terrible and unique pain symptoms of Pancoast obtain an early diagnosis.   Thank you sweet Gina for all the insight you shared.


  • Hi Dee, and welcome. Firstly, I’m so sorry about your recent diagnoses. I wanted to thank you for coming here to tell us your story, and to tell us how Gina’s story has helped you. She will be smiling now, knowing that this was her plan, to help others. 


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