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My Dad was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in October. He started with a combination of chemo and radiation, and once that was completely switched to chemo. His body was responding to the treatment and the tumor on his lung and one on the adrenal gland were shrinking (the one on his other adrenal gland was getting larger). For almost two months he had some health issues and had to be taken off chemo in order to get steroids. He is off of the steroids and now started Keytruda last Wednesday. He is having a lot of difficult side effects from keytruda (sleepy almost all day long, weak legs, joint pain, and no appetite at all). I have read that keytruda has been a miracle drug for many so I was just wondering if any of you experienced hard side effects and how long they lasted. 

Thank you so much for any input you have to offer, I am brand new to this group. 

  • Thanks Ellie

    It's easy to link everything to this bloody disease isn't it?

    My last scan showed shrinkage in the lymphs so apart from the neck pain I am feeling positive and have started on pain relief from my GP so hoping it kicks in soon XXX vixter


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  • Hi Tractor girl, I've only just joined so may be a bit behind on this. Like you, it's horrible to see the effects of Pembro on my husband. No appetite, wasting away, diarrhea every time. He's on session 5 so I do hope it gets better for him.

  • Hello! I would be intéressés to know how. Your health is now . OCT 2021 Merci!

  • Hi Cable, tractor girl has not posted since 2018, so you may not get any answers in this thread. Although old posts can be very informative, there is always a risk that the people are not active on the site anymore. You might find it helpful to start your own thread asking about Pembro. Click on “new” on the right at the top of the page to create a post, or if you're using a mobile, click on the + icon on the right of your screen.


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  • Rino. What a surprise that you should query my progress since 2018 - 3 years ago! I had to go back & look at my post. It seems so long ago since I started with pembro in 8/2016 & finished in 6/2018 with a 60% reduction in 2 spots on my lungs. My 6 monthly scans showed no melanoma activity & I am on an annual scan now. I never had one day of negative effects, except an itchy skin. So I am blessed with early (external) diagnosis, just in time for a pembro trial of 2 years and a stable condition since then. I can ask for no more & wish all pembro recipients equal good response. Glory to our Creator for timeous intervention with diagnosis & the very expensive medicine on a trial basis! Miracles happen everywhere - even is South Africa! 

  • Merci for this quick reply. It will be a year I am on immunotherapy in December  and beside suffering for being OUT of breath I feel fine. Four month ago a second serie of radio helped and after a wonderful summer I hope I can have a third set of radio permetting me e to breath better. You are certailny an uplifting massenger. Bless you!