Its all gone a bit Pete Tong

Its been many months since I have posted an update for the simple reason is the phase2 drug trial (matrix Arm C) has been doing what its says on the tin... keep the tumour growth at bay.

Side effects... feel very tired on the recovery week due to low red and white blood counts (3 weeks of drug and 1 week off for recovery) and cough gets worse near the end of each cycle however apart from that all has been all good.

Had 6 weekly CT scan just after xmas and they saw very slight growth of the tumour, plus a small secondary bone cancer (treated with radiotherapy) so "we" started looking for a plan B which also included possibly moving my treatment down to The Royal Marsden in Sutton.

The CT scan last week - the trial drugs have completely failed, or has the cancer mutated so the drugs are no longer effective? Noticeable tumour growth plus fluid on lung, second lymph node has growth to a possible infected size. Probable infection in liver.

All a bit a of a shock as we had our rose tinted glasses on and were hoping just small amount of small growth.

Well shit happens and we move on. We always knew that I would have to be off any treatment before moving onto another trial assuming something is available. We are just off the current trial a bit earlier than expected.

Bring on the next trial......

  • Hi Lurch

    Lovely to hear from you, but not regarding your news, sorry to hear this.

    This is all a waiting game and that to me is the hardest part, bit like waiting for the scan results.

     I am sure another trial will come to light. 

    I have just started Pembrolizumab like a few others here, it is a type of immunotherapy, the hard bit will be getting the scan results to see if it has done anything.

    Please keep us updated on how you are doing.

    Its always nice t see you.

    Take Care Ellie xx