Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with a Grade 2 Astrocytoma in 2018 and had an awake craniotomy to remove it. At the time I didn't want to know anything about the tumour, I just knew it was low grade. I thought that as it had all been removed and was low grade, there wasn't a high chance of it returning. 2 years later and i've just had another surgery as it has started to grow again. I've been told now that it will become malignant in the future. This has been a massive shock and i'm really struggling mentally.

I want to start therapy to help me cope with it, but I don't know whether to go to one who specialises in cancer diagnosis through a charity or go private. I'm not sure if private ones will have as much experience in this area, and might not be as helpful. Has anyone else had therapy and how did you access it, and how helpful was it? I would really appreciate anyones opinion and advice. 

Thank you,


  • Hi Dom

    I am sorry you’ve had to go through it twice in such a short time  

    i think therapy is worth trying as it may help. I tried it but chose a group class that was general to help with anxiety. (It didn’t really help) I think one to one is possibly better. Speak to your GP  

    I found talking to people/friends in a similar situation more helpful. But I would consider trying it again if I found it too much. 
    My doctors weren’t so blunt as yours but I had read up about it. (I try not to read too much now as so scary) My doctor just explained that it was by no means benign.

    My twin sister had breast cancer and I used to ask her how she coped and she said the best days were when she forgot about it. So I try to practise this. I don’t tell many people about it, especially people that are new in my life. Which helps me to not dwell on it  

    Perhaps now you will go years without a reoccurrence after your second surgery  

    Wishing  you all the best