Radio Frequency Ablation

My wife has nearly finished her 18 week paxlitaxel chemo and the results are good, 2 small tumours in liver around 2cm (couldn't give us exact measurements). I asked about RFA to remove these but onco wasn't too enthusiastic saying that it's in the blood and will come back, we are aware of this but if we can get rid of these 2 tumours, then at least the new ones will have to start afresh and not just increase in size from what they are now - if that makes sense? He said we could get a second opinion, just waiting for him to get back to us. We are willing to go private but don't know where to start.

Does anyone have any experience of RFA and also if  there's anywhere inn South Wales or surrounding areas (might be 1 in Cheltenham, but not sure) that perform this procedure?

Thanks for your help.

  • Hi ,

    My mum has had surgery for liver mets twice . They removed four wedge resections then later went in and removed 73% of her liver . I think they are selective over which primary it is . However her oncologist was of a similar mindset. On the other had we reasoned the lower the tumour burden the better for chemo to be used in a maintenance setting . Not saying this is right for everyone .

    I used to know the criteria for RFA . Not sure now but it sounds as though your wife is within the size and number of Mets . 

    You might like to phone Macmillan 0808 808 0000 for guidance on how to find the right specialist for your wife . Kind of pointless to consult with someone who is not a specialist in the field but a big system to wade through . I think if you google RFA centres within the NHS you should be able to source them. We found talking  to the specialist very helpful . They gave the risks openly but also the benefits . It was hard when her oncologist was not on board but we felt if we could push chemotherapy further down the treatment plan it would buy her more time and possibly more options . Not saying it was clinically accurate but turned out well for her . Her liver remains clear 8 years later . She developed a small lung met which was operated on and we did not have to worry about her liver at that juncture .

    A stage 4 setting does not seem to come with absolutes . But exploring her options and at least making an informed choice with the limited information available is better . 

    Take care and it’s impressive that you are investigating this .


  • Thank you very much, she's been referred to a cancer centre in Cardiff so hopefully we'll hear soon, will keep you updated.