Well I hoped I wouldn't be back but here we are, I had stage III bowel cancer last year all sorted with a hemicolectimi ( they cut it out of the bowel and join it together again) a run of chemo that finished in October 18 and it was  back to life as normal. On my follow up scans this year the looked at some swollen lymph glands in my groin using a PET scan, lymph glands are ok but they did discover a legion on my liver so here I am.

Size in August 10mm, size in October 22mm so they are going to try ablation tomorrow, but at QEHB they can only do this up to about 30mm. If they cannot do this it is another big operation but lets not get ahead of ourselves, I have had a great year and done a lot things I wouldnt have otherwise.

Mentally I feel that Cancer will keep going until it wins, but until that point I am still in the driving seat.

What experiences have others had with ablation?

  • Hi thecrimsoncodpiece, I'm not sure why you haven't had any replies? From a quick search, secondary liver group seems to have less activity than others? ie bowel group. Anyway how did your ablation go? Hopefully well and a success! My husband was diagnosed stage 4 bowel spread to liver and is about to have liver resection and ablation, along with 5 days of radiotherapy on the primary tumour first. The joys!

    We went to his pre op today, and apart from having to decide about pain relief (epidural or pca?) and anxious about the recovery time... feel relatively hopeful so far. He had 5 session of xelox this summer with a 9 week break, so it feels better taking action again.

    Best wishes for your treatment and results! Keep on giving it the eviction notice!! 

  • No Ablation advice but hope it went ok . I would be interested to know how you found it .

    My mum has had two liver resections but it’s 10 years since diagnosis and eight years since her liver was last treated . 

    Hope your fully recovered,


  • Very sorry for the lack of reply, I hope your mum is OK.

    My experience of ablation  is that not many people know what it is so a quick bit of study online and finding this group was most helpful, In August the Mass was 10mm, in October it was 22mm on the day of the ablation it was 25mm and at QEHB they can only treat up to 30mm so I could not delay treatment as I had wanted to.

    A top team at QEHB took great care of me and I was put at ease before we started, The procedure was scheduled for 2 hours but took 4 because of a bleed. I was up and about with only minor discomfort after about 6 hours and went home 3 days later. I returned to work after a week off without any problems but I did avoid any heavy lifting, I had a new CT scan in February and everything looked good so I move on with my life.

    My next full body scan for April has now been cancelled due to the COVID situation, I am lucky that my wife will be on the case to make sure I dont fall through the cracks.

    In short Ablation was a quick and simple answer, only time will tell if the correct question was asked.

    Good Luck everyone and most of all be positive.