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Scared of what happens next

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Hi All

Sorry for long post but have so many questions

My mother was diagnosed with primary liver cancer 2 weeks ago.  The tumor is too big to remove (approx. 8cm long) and been described by the specialist as being the size of a small football.  The intended treatment is to cut off the blood supply to the tumor and use chemo crystals into it.  The specialist will not give an estimate of how much time it will give although a doctor in the hospital did say up to 3 years as opposed to 8 months if they did nothing.  She is in pain now.  She does not tolerate pain killers well and the oramorph she has been given makes her unwell and sometimes vomits the following day. Tramadol is going to be tried next.  I fear that as she has pain now it is only going to get worse and will be 3 years of pain and not much of "quality" of life.  This tumor has grown within 6 months since her last scan so thinking it very aggressive and maybe the reason specialist won't give an estimate of time.  Really looking for any information on what to expect.


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Hi. So sorry about your mum. My husband has primary liver cancer and was diagnosed in Feb. Apparently they reckon he has had it a long long time with no systems. He’s the same, it’s too large to remove. He is currently on chemo tablets to try and slow it down but we suspect they aren’t working. He has lost so much weight, he’s sick a lot but thankfully he hasn’t much pain. He is on morphine slow release tablets (MST), 2 a day, so that’s helps with pain. He also has anti sickness tablets which are helping & he is on sevradol which is also morphine based if he needs it.  Docs hvnt given timescale but I know by just seeing him daily that he is failing quickly. I spoke with the McMillan nurses on what to expect as I have awful thoughts in my head, they really helped me understand & put my mind at rest of what to expect. I feel your pain, all I want is that he has some quality and so far his meds are giving him that. The worst part for him is that he is sooo down and is more upset about how he looks, I can’t get him out the house.