Liver cancer

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Liver cancer

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  • Hi all. My husband was diagnosed with liver cancer in Feb. Following numerous hospital appts, CT scans, biopsy’s etc it is terminal. He is now on chemo tablets to hopefully slow it down to give him more time. He had appt Wed & now we fear that the chemo isn’t really helping. He’s 48. He’s lost so much weight and he’s feeling so low just now. I myself am struggling with the visual changes in him and him being sick. I’m hoping this group will help me understand more and give me some support from others who are living with this hell. Thanks 
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Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community although I'm sorry for the reason that you've had to find us.

I'm not a member of this group, having had a different type of cancer, but I do understand the enormous changes to everybody's life that a cancer diagnosis can bring.

Unfortunately there are plenty of others in this group who have experience with liver cancer and it's treatments so whenever you have a question just go ahead and post. If the members here can't answer it then there is also the ask a nurse facility where you can post your questions and one of the specialist cancer nurses will aim to reply within 2 working days.

I noticed that you had joined the carers group and I hope that you'll find it a supportive place to be able to have a little rant or ask how other carers are coping if you feel the need.

Sending a supportive (((hug)))

 "Never regret a day in your life, good days give you happiness, bad days give you experience"

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I am in a similar situation my husband was diagnosed as having a tumour in his liver last September. He had a liver resection last January and it seemed successful. Sadly a few weeks ago he was called back to the hospital and was told that the PET scan revealed that the lover cancer had become secondary and spread to his bones and that now it was terminal. Three weeks ago he started Lenvatinib and doesn’t seem to be having many side effects. He is weak and tired but is able to work for some of the week. I know the prognosis is poor and lifespan is going to be short but he is in denial. In a way I wish I was too. My husband is 47 years old. We have two teenage children and it is just so so sad for all of us.