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How to help with lack of appetite

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Hi, so, after many months of my dad feeling unwell, yesterday we finally had confirmation that he has liver cancer which unfortunately cannot be operated on due to location, so are currently waiting on a biopsy to enable them to start chemo.

The biggest issue he has at the moment is constantly feeling sick and struggling to eat, so just wondering if anyone has any advice on supplements or drinks or something that can help him as he is losing weight which is causing him alot of discomfort when sitting etc, and also if there is anything that people have used that helps with the nausea?

Also, really concerned about his mental state at the moment.  Has knocked him for six obvioulsly but think it is more than that, think he is suffering with depression and needs some help but the doctor has said no to antidepressants. Am worried if he keeps getting worse that he won't have the strength mentally or physically to fight this.  Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

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Hi and a warm welcome to the online community although I'm sorry you've had to find us.

Although I don't have any personal experience with liver cancer I noticed that your post had gone unanswered. 

I have found this information for you on how to prevent weight loss which includes meal ideas as well as information on caring for someone with weight loss.

Has your dad spoken to his cancer nurse specialist (CNS) or key worker about anti-sickness medication? If not then giving her a call would be a good place to start with finding medication that he can take to help him with his nausea.

It's perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed when you've been given a cancer diagnosis and as your dad was only told a couple of days ago he will still be trying to come to terms with this. Reading this information will help you to understand what your dad may be facing

If your dad's GP can't prescribe antidepressants then there are other things that could help your dad if he's suffering from depression. Click on this link to see the advice from Macmillan.

Most of us find that once we know what the treatment plan is it gives us something to focus on and we become less anxious and worried. I hope your dad finds this too.


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