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How long should we be waiting for treatment from diagnosis of HCC

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My husband was diagnosed with HCC on 12th March 2019, he has still yet to receive any treatment. Is this normal waiting times as we feel frustrated its taken so long. He was due to have liver resection, but they cancelled on the day of the op as the surgeon studied the scans and realised it would not have left him enough liver to survive, we were in the waiting room about to get the bed!. This was due on 3rd June, 12 weeks from diagnosis and treatment that was discussed. During this wait the tumour had grown 1cm in size, meaning they could no longer operate. We are now going to see the oncologist tomorrow to discuss the TACE, after waiting another 3 weeks for an appointment. We were sent to a specialist hospital which is 2.5hrs drive away, and feel we have been let down, or is this normal waiting times?

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Well it took me almost 9 months to be finally free from HCC liver cancer. Last September I received the diagnosis then followed a lot of tests. I was told the only total cure was to section 60% of my liver away. This was not possible for me as my tests told them my fitness level was too low. I was offered a TASE treatment to keep it quiet for a couple of years. Just before Christmas I had that done. Further scans showed that the cancer had reduced in size to enable an oblation. This was done about a month ago, now all that's left is a burn scar. They were somewhat supprised that the TASE reduced it but I had had lots of prayer. Should you require me to pray for you I would gladly bring your situation to Jesus.