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Liver lesions found on ultrasound

Rollercoaster ride
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I am new to this site and looking for help. I have had a fullness feeling under right rib cage. Other than that I am healthy feeling ,fit and 53 year old female. Dr expected me to be having gallbladder issues. Had abdominal ultrasound and two lesions on liver were found. They were described as hyperechoic hepatic lesions. Measuring up to 1.5 cm.  Lesionmay rwpreswnt hemangioma although other etiologys could’ve considered in the appropriate setting. I don’t understand all of that. Having an MRI next week. I am physically ill with worry. Anybody have any insight? Thanks in advance. 

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Hello. Ive 7 tumours on my Liver. One thats increasing in size. When told ive Carcinoid Cancer it worried the hell out of me. And still does. As its not chemo or radiopherapy friendly.

Just read up on your ailments. Talk to partner if you have one. Even phone the good people that run this webb page. 

All i can say really is have faith in your Doctors. Talk about it. Read up on topic. Mine is terminal im afraid. 

But family is there for you hopefully. 

You take care now. I wish you well. 

Rollercoaster ride
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Thank you so much for responding. I’m sitting up at 5:30 a.m. searching the internet for answers. So worried. I’m sorry for what you are dealing with. We can say a prayer for each other. It’s so nice to talk to people on here that understand. Keep me posted on your progress. 

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Hello, I am 76 and was diagnosed with liver cancer last July [linked to cirrhosis diagnosed 16 years ago and gave up drinking then]. There were 2 lesions one 30mm and the other 10mm. I have two sessions of TACE which has made the small one inactive and reduced the bigger one to 8mm, This is proving difficult see in the ultrasound scans due to the all the cirrhosis nodules and currently looking at other treatments. There is no complete cure but they can be treated to prolong things. In the meantime whilst the doctors decide on treatment, I would suggest you get started on the following 3 things that have helped me:-

1. Getting some counselling, ask at the hospital, I have received counselling from Macmillan Cancer Support [Plymouth] and still getting help from them. They have been wonderful in helping me to come to terms with it. 

2. Getting onto a good healthy diet. 

3. Getting fit. Exercise classes, walking, and running, anything to try to keep the 'plumbing' working as it should. I work out regularly at the local gym but yoga, Pilate [but more than just once a week] are all helpful; the main thing is to do it regularly. I know it gets boring but you have to stick with it. 

Keep fighting,

All the best



Rollercoaster ride
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Hi Howard, thank you for responding. Thank you for the advice. Im glad your doing okay with your treatment. I’ll let you know what happens with me further. Thanks again. 


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Hi, I was told 5 months ago that I had untreatable and terminal liver cancer and that I had months not years. In some ways it was a blessing, I now look on every day as a gift. The hard part was telling my son's,  but now they are reconciled. My youngest is a master carpenter and has built my casket as therapy and it's beautiful, loads of inlaid representations of all I my message is be strong and enjoy each day.


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Yes its nice to keep in touch. My next check up is Aug. But my pain yesterday was my legs. Ive no cartilege in the knees so hence i walk on bone. 

But Cancer is minding its own for a while. But it never forgets ir leaves you. 

If you want to chat direct. Im on 

Oh im Derek by the way. 66 male married from UK. 

So you take care. Do as doctors say. Thinking of you.

Bye now.

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    One day at a time is my mantra. Hard as it may be you need to wait to complete all your investigations and then you will know what you are dealing with. 

    If you keep Googling you will just worry yourself needlessly and frighten yourself to death.

    Try and find something to keep you occupied and busy while you wait!

    Best wishes 

 Christine x

Rollercoaster ride
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Thank you for responding Mitzie. You are right, I had to stop researching. It was making me physically ill worrying. I have my mri on Monday it was delayed because on insurance. I’m hanging in there thank you again. 

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Hi Rollercoaster 

I have just read your post and it is very similar to my symptoms.  How are you now?

I am ill with worry and your post struck a cord with me. 



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My wife had 3 months of right flank pain, had ultrasound and showed 2 lesions, undetermined.  The CT showed the same and listed as indeterminate.  1 lesion is 3.9 cm the other 1.5.  Has an MRI scheduled but not until September.  The pain has been reduced from day to maybe once  week.  Her lesions were indicated as hypoechoic and solid.  

Crossing our fingers they are hemangiomas.  

Hope your MRI shows good news for you.