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Never followed up on a liver mass

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2 years ago I was getting an ultra sound on my thyroid and also a echo (my dr is extremely thorough) when they found something on my liver.  I went back for an ultra sound on that and was told I had a large mass with lesions and they are hoping it isn’t cancer but told me to get a CT scan.  My blood tests were normal.  I have occasional bloating and upset stomach but always had that.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  For a year they kept contacting me and covering themselves with letters and emails.  Now 2 years later I don’t have any changes.  Same occasional  bloating or upset stomach....but seldom.  I know I’m terrible for not following up but I just didn’t want to know.  For all I know,  that mass could have been there for years (I read many are benign).  Would I start showing symptoms by now if it was cancer?  I have noticed soreness in my left shoulder and carpel tunnel but I type nonstop all day and getting a massage they told me that I was very tense in that area of my neck and shoulder.  But of course I start to think that not following up for 2 years it metastasis to my bones.  I work out 5 to 7 days a week.  Elliptical or walk 2 to 3 miles without any issues.  I’m 43 so I’m old but not THAT old.

I did lose 15 lbs recently though in the last few months  (which I was happy about since I need to lose about 40 lbs).  And I didn’t do anything different.  Same exercise I’ve always done....and wasn’t dieting during this time.  It could be because I stopped drinking Diet Coke though.  

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Hi Joey4k

Most of your symptoms could be explained away (though weight loss linked to stopping drinking a diet drink seems a stretch). 

You could carry on ignoring it, but it appears that it’s starting to play on your mind. 

It’s possible to live with liver mets for some time without symptoms it seems. If you do have a cancer then the sooner it’s treated the better your chances of complete recovery. If it’s metastasised, then the sooner you treat it, the longer you’ll live and the longer you’ll be pain free. 

It’s your choice but I would think you’d be better off knowing. If you think the treatments aren’t what you want then you can decline them but it's surely better to have an informed choice. My partner had liver mets for a year, virtually without any symptoms from them but now her stomach is bloated and increasingly uncomfortable and other issues are cropping up. Because we’ve got a great team on the case, we are attacking each symptom as soon as it arises. Her swollen liver means that her body isn’t processing fluid properly so her legs have started to swell. We’ve been able to contain this and prevent other issues because we’ve had expert advice as soon as the legs changed.  You can wait until it’s really bad and difficult to sort or you could check it out now. You could be lucky and it be a minor solvable thing and you could put your worries behind you. I hope that’s the case. Good luck. 


If you look hard enough, there’s something positive in every day.  

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You say liver mets but I’ve never been diagnosed with cancer before so it might not be mets but the orginal source of cancer or could be benign?