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AML Treatment Failed

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Hey. I am new here. My mother in law was diagnosed with AML in March 2017 and after two rounds of intense chemotherapy and treatment, her body couldn't take anymore and she ended up on intensive care for a week as her heart stopped. Because of this, they decided she could not take anymore chemo and that the only treatment available to her would be stem cell transplant.

She was transferred to Manchester Hospital where her brother was tested as a donor, and we was made up when it came back that he was a 10/10 match. She had the transplant in May 2016 and was discharged in July 2016. At the beginning she went for two weekly check ups, before that got decreased to weekly checkups. In November 2016 she was admitted to hospital with Sepsis. This was all fully treated and in December 2016, she had a bone marrow biopsy which came back clear - no leukemia.

She has been going for weekly check ups and she had her last one on Thursday. They sent her home from clinic and said everything was fine. She got a phone call later in the evening asking her to go back in on Monday as her platelets had dropped. That was yesterday. She went with her son yesterday where the consultant informed them that the stem cells have failed and the leukemia is showing in her blood again as cells. They have told her to stop taking cyclosporine as they are hoping she will get GVD. The advice we have been given is there is no more treatment as the leukemia is too aggressive. They have said that she is looking at 3 - 6 months left to live although if she gets GVD, it could suppress the leukemia and she may have longer, possibly up to two years. 

When we asked the doctor if she could have anymore stem cells, they said no as it had failed. They said there is the option of chemo injections but could not guarantee they would work.

Looking for advice from anyone else who has been through this. 

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Hi  and welcome to the Online Community but sorry to hear about your Mother in Law.

I am dropping in past from our Stem Cell Transplant forum. I have had two Allo SCTs with Cells from my brother. Unfortunately my first one did not work so I do understand some of the issues your family are dealing with.

In my case my Lymphoma was not totally clear after my Conditioning so my First SCT failed within 3/4 months I went back 9/10 months later for my second Allo and had a very hard time but did eventually get into remission, you may want to have a look at my story by hitting my forum name  

The SCT journey is so hard and every case is so different.

These are a couple of other forums you may want post your question on The SCT forum (link) has many folks with AML so some may have some specific help for you. We also have the AML forum (link)

Have a look at my profile and please get back with any questions as I will do my best to help out.

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Oh my gosh, how scary! I've not experienced a relapse but I just wanted to reply to your post and offer your MIL a virtual hug. And one for you too. AML is a beast.