Newly diagnosed

Hi, I was diagnosed with stage T1 last week after s biopsy. I was told I was young at 30 to have this type of cancer as it’s usually seen in older men who’ve smoked heavily for 30 years or so. I have also never smoked. It was suggested it may be a genetic fault. My consultant has said he removed it all (squamous cell carcinoma) and I just have to have s tube down my throat every 6 weeks to check if it comes back. I haven’t been offered any scans and now I’m panicking in case it’s anywhere else. How can they say for certain it’s not, without a full body scan? 

  • Good evening Charlotteamelia3579, sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with this cancer , its funny as I was told that I was fairly young at 48 so I would not read to much into that , although having age on your side is a bonus for healing and recovery . All I was told is that smoking and drinking CAN put up the risk of getting any head or neck cancer . Unfortunately I drank and smoked but my consultant never blamed me or said it was definitely this what caused it , although cancer runs through our family so it could like you be linked to that , anyway how we get this awful disease does not matter at this stage its how it is prevented , So you have had surgery then the treatment afterwards ? Im afraid no removal of any cancer is guaranteed they just hope through experience they have removed it with wide margins , having scans done are very rare and I have never had one done after an operation yet I had 3 head and neck related cancers and were checked by feeling around the neck and inside the mouth . The good thing is that you are having a camera down you throat to have a look , I should say its not a nice feeling having it done as im sure you know, I had it once the rest were done when I was put under . Personally I agree , more frequent scans should be done . Best of luck of luck with your recovery and please come back if you need more advise or guidance , take care .

                                                                                          Chris xx

  • Thank you so much Chris for taking the time to reply.

    I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been through.

    I know I’m probably overreacting but I just feel that without some sort of body scan to confirm there’s no cancer cells present anywhere else I’ll never fully relax. I have 3 year old twins and I do suffer from anxiety.  I think I’m still in shock and at the same time I feel guilty because I know there are people a lot worse off than me. I’m wondering how much it would cost to have a scan done privately and if anyone has had any experience of doing this.

  • Hi Charlotteamelia3579, you are welcome as I know how you are feeling but to be honest I don't think they will do a private scan so early after surgery as nothing will show yet , please ask your consultant if or when he will do a scan as some hospitals do them yet some don't so if you let him know your concerns maybe they will do one. Don't feel guilty as we all act or react  differently to dealing with cancer , the trouble is when we get a cut , cold or an ache we can go to a Dr who can sort of treat it on the spot but with cancer it shows no visible signs . Please let us know how you get on , take care .

                                                                                                    Chris . x

    P.S im a twin Slight smile

  • Thanks so much for your reply Chris. It’s actually a great comfort to realise that there are other people out there who understand how I’m feeling. 

    Twins can be hard work but they’re so worth it!  X

  • Hi my name is chris and i was diagnosed with stage 3 advanced vocal cord cancer that had spread downwards into my subglottis 5 years ago and had chemoradiotherapy i survived and all is well at present i still have 3 monthly checks just keep positive try not to think about the cancer and while you are having treatment try to eat normally thats not easy but try and the best is ice cream and another is custard chin up try to relax it seems scary but try to keep calm and relax. If you want to talk just post all the best

  • Hi, I had a biopsy last week and am waiting for the results. I have had no feedback at all yet. Since I have had symptoms now for some months, I suspect the result is obvious, but my concern is more about staging than if. I see you said that they 'removed it all' in your biopsy. At what point did they tell you this please? I would be delighted to be told the same, but I am still waiting for an appointment to get the results.