Larynx cancer

Affected by larynx (voicebox) cancer? Join this group to share experiences and ask questions to people who understand what you're going through.


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Hi all been reading about new members and old 

So sad everyone going through  this 

Have been also having a bad time 

And not got on much 

But just want to send a message to all saying keep strong and thinking of all 

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Thanks for the update and words of encouragement , it will get easier for you Paulineg1, honest . Take care and best wishes .

                                                                                    Chris x

Its sometimes not easy but its worth it !
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Thank you I really hope so 

I feel it’s destroyed my life right now instead

Best wishes to all take care



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Hello Pauline sorry to hear you you are going through 

Do you have to wait long for each treatment to start my hubby going for a laryndoscopy on Tues to see what's going on in his throat it's his first app the waiting is getting to me as I just want this cancer out of him 

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Hi sorry didn’t see this or get notification 

I had mine Oct last year and was told wen I woke in recovery that’s wat he thought it was 

Then told me again on Ward 

Then had mri scan and c t scan then 

I went then  for my operation to remove lesion 

In nov so all petty quick 

Just finished radiotherapy in March six weeks 

Still recovering 

Hope this helps and thinking of u both 

Hard times x


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Hi, my daughter was diagnosed aged 22 may 2017, she had the tumour removed  and has had positive 6weekly check ups since, she does have last affects such as dry mouth, not great at tasting foods and voice is very up and down. 

My heart goes out to you all, keep strong and keep positive xx

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Hi such a young age but positive news on her check ups we've got to wait until 3rd of may to get hubby's results of his biopsy I'm hoping they've mad a mistake but we'll just have to see

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Hi Pauline thanks for replying it helps to talk to people in the same boat so to speak hubby had his biopsy but we weren't told anything then but have to wait until 3rd may for results I'm worried sick but we'll have to deal with it as it comes we're meant to be going abroad on the 19th may for our 30th wedding anniversary but depending on how soon his treatment starts it's up in the air at the moment 

Your treatment seemed to be very quick and I wish you all the best with your recovery x x

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Hi JenBob 

Glad he has had biopsy and really hope all comes back ok 

And I know wat u mean we had to cancel Xmas new year plans of going away and a few things this year so far with the side effects 

Yes they were quick with the treatment just not with the symptoms wen I first went with ear pain a few years ago now 

Anyway was t2 wen diagnosed 

Was meant to have a follow up yesterday but we had to leave as they were running so late and had been there a few hours already as different town had it get back so not sure wat now they will do 

Anyway I am thinking of u both and wish for the best for u both 

It’s a tough time 

And thank you again always hear if u need to talk just message or leave reply 

Pauline xx

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Hi there that is very young age 

I’m 53 this is all so unfair 

I’m hearing so many cancer story’s 

And beginning to wonder how an earth it has got so bad and affecting so many of the young generation 

It is good to hear she has had checks and there positive 

I’m hoping I will be the same 

And yes I can relate to the dry mouth and taste changes and the voice 

I also have the awful mucus and it is really awful 

To the point u cough and cough and feel u can’t get a breath 

Very scary 

And always unexpected can happen in blink of an eye don’t even like being on my own cause of it 

I wish u all the best and pray things stay positive 

For her 

And yes strong and positive is wat we need right now thank you and u to xx pauline 

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Hi hope all is well with you . Well we had biopsy results today and hubby as larynx cancer early stage so now just waiting to hear which treatment will be best suited to treat him so another weeks waiting until next Thursday's app 


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Hi hope all is well with your daughter. We had biopsy results for hubby today and he does have larynx cancer we have to wait until next week now to see what treatment he will be given