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Just learned I have piriform fossa cancer

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And I'm still rather reeling from the news.   I have to see the oncologist on Wednesday week to discuss treatment plans, which he tells me will, at the very least involve radiotherapy and quite probably major surgery.    Exactly what needs doing depends on the results of the latest tests.

This really is just to introduce myself and to ask for any suggestions or advice.   I'm a widower, aged 58, living on my own with no close family.    After the bank holiday I'll be contacting the local MacMillan's and also my GP, whose patient I have been for the last 13 and who know me very well.   This is completely unknown territory to me, obviously, and I'm trying to take things one day at a time so as not to get overwhelmed.     

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Hi SteveG,

                   Very sorry to hear about you news of piriform fossa cancer, i dont know a lot about it only that it is to do with the neck as i had cancer of the voice box (larynx) so it will most probably involve radiotherapy,maybe chemotherapy.Depending on the scans will determine if you have surgery or not,a lot depends how far advanced the cancer is.

                   So it all depends on your results to outline a plan to tackle the problem.It can be a bit daunting for your first meeting with your consultant so maybe take someone with you for company and reassurance and help you ask any questions.So at the moment its a waiting game,but whatever the out come will be here to help ( if possible) you through your journey so dont be affraid to ask any more questions as we have been through the process ourselves,best of luck for Wednesday and keep in touch.


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Hi Steve

Like Chris, I don't really know much about this type of cancer, except that, if what I have read is correct, it is a type of throat cancer.

I am not surprised that you are still reeling from the news, you have just had a huge, unpleasant and unwelcome shock.

You are doing the right thing in trying to take one day at a time.  It can all be quite overwhelming.

Your treatment plan will depend on what stage your cancer is at and all that will be explained when you meet with your oncologist and probably the rest of your care team on Wednesday.

Chris's idea to take a friend with you is a good one.  You will be given a lot of information and possibly treatment options at your meeting and it is impossible to take it all in.  Four ears are better than two, especially when one set is the patient!

Another tip is, get yourself a note pad and start writing your questions down, then you can take it to the meeting with you.  We sometimes just handed the pad over and let them work their way through them.  Try to write the answers down, but the one thing to remember above all is:

There is no such thing as a stupid question, there are only questions that need answers.

Hoping that your meeting on Wednesday goes ok.  Let us know how it goes if you can xx