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Worrying Times....

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Hi everyone,

I've posted before about my partners situation.  He was diagnosed with stage 4 RCC and has a 3cm tumor in his kidney with mets to the spine and enlarged lymph nodes in teh chest.  He had radiotherapy on his spinal mets as soon as they picked them up on the MRI that ultimately helped diagnose the cancer and the pain went away completely.  This week however the pain has come back in his back and is nearly as bad as it was before.  We don't understand why when it went away to start with, does this mean the mets are growing back as the pain is in the same place?

His operation is scheduled for next week but this week he seems to have gone downhill a bit spending a lot of time in bed, sweating and generally feeling really ill.  I'm so worried that this might mean something else is happening to his insides and keep worrying all night that he will just stop breathing somehow.  Ive experienced someone dying with cancer before and know you usually come ot a point when the body starts closing down but based on the facts i don't think this seems likely with my partner as there are no other organs involved (that we know of although the scan was originally done a little over 6 weeks now).

He had a higher dose of morphine prescribed for the pain on Wednesday and its since then he has felt worse.  He took one of the tablets on the night time and then in the morning couldn't go to the toilet properly (number 1).  We were worried about urinary retention and went ot the doctor who said everything seemed fine, bloods were fine, urine sample fine etc etc.  I'm worried about renal failure but don't know how i can tell when we need to ring the doctor out/call an ambulance etc or whether the way he is feeling at hte moment is just because he has RCC and isn't going ot feel better until the op and start of treatment.

Any advice much appreciated......I can feel a very stressful week coming on !!