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My Dad's Kidney Cancer and C Diffs

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Hi there,


This is the first time i have posted on here as it has taken me a while to get my head around everything. My dad was told he had Kidney cancer at the beginning of September after he found a lump in his neck. This was taken out and he was sent for  a CT scan which showed a tumour in his left Kidney. This was swiftly removed and it also transpired it has spread to the lymphnodes on both sides of his chest.

While recovering from the kidney removal he became unwell, this turned out to be an infection which resulted in him being resubmitted to hospital. He was discharged a few days later after having antibiotics but within a week it came back and was told he had C Diffs from the hospital. That went away but today he has been told it has come back and is back on the antibiotics. All this has resulted in him losing so much weight. He is now anaemic and is on meds for this.

In regards to the cancer, they have suggested sutent but cannot start this until he has built himself up which is not looking good at the moment. He is having another CT scan later this month to see if the tumours in his chest have shrunk. If not he will need to start on sutent.

We have not been given the stages or prognosis really, but is has spread so i am thinking stage 4?? Also they cannot give him a time span for survival they just said they need to keep him healthy for as long as possible.

The thing that is worrying is all this infection he is getting before we have even got to the cancer, he was perfectly well before he had his kidney out, we dont know how long the cancer has been there but obviously quite a while if it has spread to the chest lymps. Its hard to say its good we caught it as he has been so ill. 

Has anyone else had C Diffs before chemo? 

Its even tougher as i live in manchester and they live in north wales and i feel helpless. My mum is struggling to cope, she has anxiety problems, she is saying things like what if he isnt here for next christmas and what have we done to deserve this.

I also suffer from stress and im only 25, im finding it hard too. Its the not knowing that is the hard thing. Will he die before we get a chance to fight the cancer? I just dont know

Any advise will be appreciated