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Kidney cancer

A place for people affected by kidney cancer to support one another, ask questions, and share their experiences.

Thanks for everything

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Hi As I'm t3b and stuck with that stage for either the rest of my life, or until it changes for the worse, I dont think I can gain any more from the list just now Although I have gained a tremendous amount of support and information and have had questions answered that I don't think could have been answered by anyone other than those who know first hand, I know part of my emotional/mental recovery from kidney cancer should be leaving discussion forums despite them having been an invaluable part of my recovery. Its time to get back on with my life and allow kidney cancer to play less and less part in my daily life and my future. Its time to cut my emotional apron strings of online support knowing it will be there should I ever need it again. You might say its time to go "Back to my future" and time to stop looking for that letter from god. Thank you to the carers for sharing with me and helping me understand my familys feelings and needs when all I could concern myself with was my own fears. Thank you to those who went on the journey before me, who despite travelling further and with less light, gave me both hope and humility with your bravery, strength and determination. I hope for you all. Thankyou to those just starting their journeys for reading my posts and replying with an acknowledgement thus allowing me to repay in some small part for the help and kindness shown to me when I first arrived confused and frightened looking for online help. Thank you to all those who have helped directly or indirectly with practical and emotional help, knowingly or unknowingly. Thankyou to those whose stories have helped me beat my fear of cancer. Good health and happiness to you all. Pete UK. 

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Just wanted to say a Thank you to you for all your information you have left me and taking the time to reply. im sure you've helped lots of people over your time on here i bet you'll be missed on here too. i wish you all the very best for your future with your loving family i hope you have many happy times ahead of you. Take care

Love Monica