HI my names steve i am new to site & just feeling my way around, in oct 2008 i was diagnosed with cancer in my right kidney which had spread to my lung, since then i have had 2 operations to remove both tumors from which i have made a good recovery, i am just waiting now to be reffered to Addenbrookes Hospitail in Cambridgefor chemo & iam not sure what to expect , finding it hard to talk to family about this as deep down i am pretty scared.Anyone can tell me what to expect from chemo. 

  • All of us on here have felt the same you will run the whole gammet of emotions before this is finished its normal, you take it all in your stride to begin with then have a bit of a wobble and no matter how much you tell your loved ones and they support you no one knows what is in your head but you will get on with it i had my second chemo today 2 down six to go the first one is fear of the unknown i was laid low for the first week with tiredness and nausea but wasn't too bad after that but it affects everyone differently whatever happens you can offload on this site and someone will always give advice.I always thought it was a bit sad to be on these social sites but like you i was scared and was looking for i dont know what but i am comforted by peoples support, i am sure you will find it in you to get on with it what other choice is there all the best keep us in the loop.
    Teresa x
  • HI Tersa
    Thanks for your reply , my first one on the site!its nice to hear from someone , i am sure your right that i will deal with chemo the i have dealt with my ops, its just the one thing deep done iwas worried about.

    Take Care
  • hi sorry you are on this site, none of us want to me but its a life saver for lots of us.

    Different chemo's affect different people, i was told i would be totally tired but it made me hyper and whilst i was waiting for the chemo sleep it never came lol. Its not so bad, some you lose your hair (like me) and some you dont. But it works so best to just get through it and then its all over. Its not so bad, and hopefully you wont suffer many side effects. I had 8 treatments, one every 3 weeks. Chemo week could be pretty rough some times but the other two weeks i went to work. You can sleep the week away or just rest up then you feel well again for a while until the next one. You may sail through it without too much hassle but GOOD LUCK and good healing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hi steve. i'm new to the site to. i was diagnosed with bowel cancer secondary liver. like you i was very scared when i had my first chemo. i went and got my hair cut short just in case. fortunately i didnt lose my hair and my chemo went quite well. i was tired and i was sensitive to the cold i couldnt go in my fridge without getting tingling and spasms in my hands,this was only for a few days.however every one experiences are different. the nurses on the chemo ward were really great and were thing i learnt was to listen to my body and if i wanted to sleep during the day i would. i wish you well with your treatment keep us informed on how your getting on. sha
  • I just wanted to echo what the others have said, chemo is just the next stage in your treatment and it can seem as though its forever but it does pass quickly. They tellyou about all the common side effects and it can frighten you, I had fears of either sitting on the loo permanantly or having my head over it... and I have had neither. They give you medication to control the side effects and I don't seem to have had many, I feel queasy and that has increased. I'm about half way through my chemo and that can get you down, but there are less to have now. I have managed to work until now, but do feel more tired now so who knows.

    Keep your chin up and let us know how you are getting on.

    Take care
    Carol x
  • Thanks for your reply is was good to hear about your experiences & easier to chat to someone outside of the family,

    Take Care
  • HI Sha, thanks for your reply it was nice to hear from you & its good to get different peoples input, any time you want to chat please feel free to contact me.

    Take Care
  • It is always difficult to talk to family about this but I will say take one day at a time and look on it as a process YOU have to go through. It isalways frightening when we have to do new things but afterwards pat your self on the back. First times are always scary - its the unknown. Hope everything goes ok.