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left kidney cancer and more...

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I hope your oncologist can do something for you David - if not, please try a second hospital, asking your gp for a referral, and ask around for specialists in kidney cancer. Private message anyone on this site eg. Treatment may not change the outcome, but it may affect your quality and length of life: and it may just be that another hospital is more positive in their outlook. As Julie says, however, there are many variations on each type of cancer, and I know it's really hard to go from knowing nothing about a subject to having to be an expert - or at least knowing enough to talk to professionals on any sort of footing where they will listen tio what you say. Keep plugging away - and don't forget there are things you can do for yourself - eg making sure your diet is tiptop, and cutting down on unhealthy things (if you have any, that is!). I also sent off for a DVD (free) from the Penny Brohn Centre. It's NOT curing anyone, but it's about quality of life, and also some techniques like relaxation that we can learn and all benefit from.

Hi Julie - yes, it's hard, isn't it, as we so want to help others, and as you say, the intention is good, it's just that occasionally I too have to stop myself and remind myself that I don't know all the facts, only what other users choose to post on their profiles - or indeed actually know about their conditions. However, I think most site users are here also for emotional support, and a response such as yours will cheer and put heart into most people! Keep posting!

Mrs M - I feel really sorry for you, because as you say, you have had a lot of information that you could now do without. I once picked up a book, idly, in a charity shop, read it - and wished I blooming well hadn't. This was in the early days of my diagnosis, and I had to send out an s.o.s. to have a friend come round and take me out for the afternoon, as I felt if I stayed at home alone I'd just dwell on it. Sometimes, better NOT to know too much - certainly not to cross bridges backwards and forwards before you have to. I think the counselling is a very good idea, and I wish you all the very best with that. You are in an extremely horrible position, and every scrap of support you can get is going to help. Wishing you lots of love with that. xxx penny
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David from Norfolk(Big c) i am also from Norfolk, my dad is 70, and has kidney cancer,spread to liver and rib.Thoughtyou might like to make contact as from same area. not to good on computor so may take me a while to find my way back here!!!! Hope you doing ok much love sheree xx