Dizziness/ nausea 6 weeks post nephrectomy

Hello everyone. Im writing on behalf  of my dad. He’s 71 years old and was diagnosed with renal cancer about 3 months ago. About 6 weeks ago he had his kidney removed  (open surgery) and has been  recovering since. His hgb is still slightly low 11. Something as compared to 13 pre op. Other than the minor discomfort from the wound ( especially when he coughs or strains) he’s ok. But lately thoughhe’s been feeling nauseous. Especially when he gets up or makes any sudden movement. His uro/ surgeon said it could be orthostatic hypotension a r positional vertigo and told him to take serc 8mg 2x a day and rest when he feels dizzy. Thing is serc doesnt have any effect on him. My dad is VERY stubborn, he gets very impatient that he can no longer do the things he used to do.  2 weeks post op he snuck out of the house and drove himself to his office. 3 weeks and he was repairing cars. So anyway i would just like to know if any of you experienced dizziness even 6 weeks after nephrectomy? 

thank you! 

  • Hi , I would ask either his specialist nurse or GP about the nausea/ dizziness, just in case anything else is going on n needs checking out.

    If he hasn't got a specialist nurse, that infers he's not got an oncologist either. Can you ask for him to be referred to one?