Immunotherapy, Diarrhoea & Eating

Hi Having a difficult time with diarrhoea & knowing what to eat that won’t cause more pain & discomfort. I’m on combined immunotherapy. 

I’m vegetarian & all the lovely fresh fruit & veg & healthy stuff I usually like to eat is not helping my tummy. 

I’m living on white bread, white rice & very plain food. But sometimes even this does not seem to help & I still get diarrhoea. 

if anyone can offer any advice, websites I can look at or recipes I would be very grateful as the diarrhoea is making my life a misery.

Also any tips for coping with the soreness caused by the diarrhoea, I have tablets for the it but it doesn’t seem to stop the discomfort or soreness. 

  • Hi have you got any Loperamide for the diarrhoea? Either your oncologist or GP can prescribe it.

  • Hi Yes I have thank you, things do improve once it kicks in. But I’m still uncomfortable. 

    I want to be eat healthy but healthy stuff seems to make things worse. Any tips would be welcome. 

  • Hi , as a fellow vegetarian I know how you feel re eating healthily.Like you, I end up on white bread, rice etc. Have u tried rice pudding? A comfort food if ever there was one!

  • Hi ,

    I'm not veggie but have had some similar issues in the past.

    I found that certain foods tended to affect me more than others.  Broccoli can be an issue for me but I'm ok with other green veg.  I know other green veg has been problematic for others.  Raw onion can be a trigger for me including in things like coleslaw.  Unfortunately beer is something else which has a sudden and dramatic effect upon me.  All I can suggest is trying to introduce foods one at a time until you find one which has a bad impact and then avoid that one but you have probably already tried that.

    As far as the soreness goes I use baby wipes rather than toilet tissue and I also put moisturiser on my anus to sooth it.

    I struggle to get the balance with loperamide although I do use it if I need to.  However if I take enough to stop the diarrhoea then I tend to be bunged up for several days.  I know others who have managed to get a balance between loperamide and fybogel but it eludes me.

    I hope that you can find a resolution to this.

    All the best,

    Gragon x

  • Lanacane cream available from any chemist and many other retail outlets is excellent for sore and irritable areas of the body, find a link to familiarise yourself with it here:-

  • Hi Thank you for your reply it is appreciated. It’s such a tight rope with the drugs trying to get it right. And the food, I really want to eat healthy but it seems to be very difficult. I hope you are ok.

  • Hi Thank you for your reply. I have tried Lanacane but it doesn’t seem to touch the soreness, also anusol, sudocream & a cream for babies with nappy rash. But nothing seems to help. It’s such a shame because I can cope with the other side effects generally but this one is making life very uncomfortable. 

  • I’ve also been suffering from this while on chemo, and also immunotherapy . Also have hemorroidss. Oh joy.  I’ve bought a sitz bath that fits over my toilet with the seat up and makes it easy to wash the area.  Also got wipes called Preparation H. ( ideally don’t flush ) but it says you can.  Both from well known delivery firm.  

    Just recently I had a two egg cheeses omelette that gummed me up for a couple of days but that was a relief. 

    Also anusol of course.  

  • Hi Thank you I really appreciate your advice. It’s so hard trying to find any advice & guidance. I swing from either diarrhoea or constipation & cannot seem to get a happy medium. I lovely healthy food but it doesn’t love me at the moment & that is getting me down. 

    I will look into the bath & the wipes. 

  • Hi Reign
    Sorry I'm so late to this - something I got very familiar with also. The swing between the two took me a long while to figure, but I found rather than the recommended 2 loperimide immediately, if I took one at the first sign of a loose movement and then another one with the next movement and so on I got a better level of control without ending up blocked. I'm not saying that would work for you - but if you haven't already experiment away from the recommendation.

    And I use moist toilet tissue. I just buy own brand, Aldi, Lidl, wherever I walk into. If my bowel is on the warpath there's not a dry sheet of toilet paper within 10 yards of my bum. I was honestly stunned at the difference it made.

    Diet advice I'm no good at. I haven't tried to narrow down food. I just know that alcohol and white wine in particular don't love me.

    Hope you're doing ok