Scans delayed

Hi all,

I was due routine / monitoring scans end March but postponed them due to coronavirus. Am now getting scanxiety over them, as I've had nothing to show I'm OK/ nothing else has emerged. I've also beens coz of being on Pazopanib ( a TKI)

Has anyone had scans during the coronavirus? If so, how did the radiology dept deal with them ?

  • Hi interesting how different hospitals dealing with the virus.I had a planned CT scan in mid.April.I was waiting to be called in the main waiting room and then only me I was taking to a separate waiting room but only me was there.The radiologist and also me was wearing a face masks.Otherwise everything went normal.


  • Hi buttercup 

    I had a scan on Friday. I attended the cancer centre in Belfast and they have a station in entrance for checking for symptoms and taking temp before getting into the building. Generally speaking, there are very few people there, no General reception staff etc. Lots of arrows to tell you where to go instead of people. 
    Once into the radiology department, the waiting area had chairs spread out and there were 4 of us in a fairly big room, all drinking our fluid. We were very far apart  The staff were kitted out and although Their voices are muffled behind masks, they were able to chat and put me at ease. They do keep their distance 
    i found  the whole experience very reassuring and was not at all concerned but I am not what would be classed as vulnerable as I am not on treatment so others may feel differently. 

  • Hi Buttercup01

    The cancer services up here in Scotland seem to be opening up again for 'routine' tests.

    I got an unexpected phone call on Friday asking if I was available for a CT Scan and am going for one on Tuesday (9th). Although I haven't had my op yet my surgeon just wants another look as it's been quite a few months since my fist one.

    Apparently the main entrance to the hospital which I am going to is closed and everyone goes through the day surgery entrance. It will be interesting to see what measures are in place.

    Am sure all the appropriate measures will be taken and can understand your concern if you are on medication or another form of treatment which makes you  more vulnerable.

    Davey Boy

  • Hi, buttercup01

    I had a scan a few weeks ago. It was amazing - BETTER than before the virus. Basically, everything was super quick. I was out 12 minutes after I went into the CT scan room, with the person who scanned me also removing the cannula themselves - usually, you have to wait for a nurse to take it out. Well, at the hospital I attend, anyway. On the way in, they asked every person to confirm they had an appointment - you have to go in alone but I always do anyway - then they gave you a mask and made you clean your hands with gel. They asked you questions relating to the virus before letting you into the premises and took my temperature in my ear.

    That's it. Then there is the usual "pleasant" wait (NOT) for the results.

    Good luck xx