I had my kidney out 5 years ago and have been fine.  October last year I had a fall and broke my hip so was taken into hospital.  Whilst they were operating they noticed a mass in my other hip, I was sent for scans over Xmas and early Jan they called me in to tell me that there was cancer in my left hip and my right pelvis.  Apparently these areas has shown up on my scans for the last few years but nothing was mentioned to me.   I was taken into hospital within 2 weeks for a hip replacement, which confirmed that It was cancer.  They have now passed me over to the Oncologist who phoned me last week to start me on Pazopanib this was a phone consultation and just told it was cancer in my pelvis and this is the treatment I needed .  My head is all over the place at the moment as the side effects sounds really bad, and living alone I feel really afraid.  I have not signed the paperwork yet as had a lot going on the past week, I just dont know what I am doing.  If this virus were not around and in lockdown my daughter would have come home and gone to see the consultant with me.  Sorry for the long post