Recent diagnosis

Hi there. So my mum has recently got a diagnosis of kidney cancer. It was found by accident when pollips were discovered in her womb after bad tummy pain. Her tumor is 5cm in one kidney. Her nurse rang her today to let her know it was a T1b N0. She is awaiting her chest and full body scans. Can anyone shed any light on what the probability of it spreading to other organs is with it not spreading to lymph nodes and being relatively small? I feel quite positive with the stage so far but is this wrong!? It is the worst situation as with covid-19 I cant even go and hug her....just awful!! Thanks in advance xxx

  • So mum has just had her consultation call after her op and I think it's the best outcome we could've hoped for. It is low stage 2, very clear margins, down to 3% chance of it spreading and very confident all has been removed. Consultant says her next scan may be in 3 months apparently is the norm after the op (?) but he said it may be pushed to 6 due to good outcome. Very very relieved and hope we can just forget about it now, at least until the next scan!!!! Thank you all for your responses x