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Hi there. So my mum has recently got a diagnosis of kidney cancer. It was found by accident when pollips were discovered in her womb after bad tummy pain. Her tumor is 5cm in one kidney. Her nurse rang her today to let her know it was a T1b N0. She is awaiting her chest and full body scans. Can anyone shed any light on what the probability of it spreading to other organs is with it not spreading to lymph nodes and being relatively small? I feel quite positive with the stage so far but is this wrong!? It is the worst situation as with covid-19 I cant even go and hug her....just awful!! Thanks in advance xxx

  • Thanks Jo, that's reassuring. We are still over the moon but at the same time just want to get the thing out! Who knows when surgeries will take place with all this covid stuff about!

  • Hi, so today was mums op, having part of her kidney removed. It has all gone to plan. Not spoken to her yet as she didnt get up to the ward until 5ish and is still very groggy. They mentioned that she has a tube in her tummy to drain fluid, does anyone know if this is normal? I know she will have a catheter but didnt know or read about the possibility of a tube. X

  • Hi ,

    I had a tube for a few days after my operation.  So far as I'm aware it is perfectly normal.

    I'm pleased to hear that your mum's operation went well.  She is likely to be tired for a while as her body recovers and tries to get rid of the anaesthetic.

    All the best,

    Gragon x

  • Hi Gragon,

    I am so sorry I didnt respond. We ha da bit of a week last week as mum had a suspected internal bleed after her op, it turned out not to be in the end but a bit of a rollarcoaster. She came home after 5 days in hospital and is now recovering well, just feeling sick as a dog on the antibiotics she is on so will be glad when they are finished!

    We now just have the nervous wait of the results of the tumour they took out....everything really is such a waiting game isnt it!? How long on average do you tend to wait for results from a removal?

    Thanks everyone x

  • Hi ,

    I'm pleased to hear that your mum is recovering OK.  Funnily enough I did have a post operative bleed and was back in hospital for seven days, longer than I was in for the operation.  I left feeling much worse as well.

    I think most people hear after about 6 weeks.  They will let you know about the tumour.  I can't remember if they told you which type of kidney cancer your mum had but you will want to know which it is.  They should also give you the stage and grading of the cancer.  There is a link click here to the Kidney Cancer UK website which I think give the clearest explanation of what this staging and grading means.  Your mum will be scheduled for a scan about 6 months after the operation to look again once things have settled down and see how she is doing.

    All the best,

    Gragon x

  • Hi Gragon,

    Thanks for your quick reply and sorry to hear about your bleed, glad you got recovered though.

    I dont think we have been told which it is all we have been told is that is was a T1a N0 M0 which I believe refers to the sizing and if it had spread. We were also told that it was just confined to the kidney hence why she just had the partial removal.

    I am really hoping all the signs are pointing to it being a low grade tumour but I guess you can never quite know until you know haha! All we can do is keep our fingers crossed!

    Hope you are well Gregon.


  • Hi. I’ve just been through all this myself and everything sounds similar. I found out my biopsy results after 2 weeks. I had a biopsy before the main op and they said stage one but this upgraded to stage 2 after it was removed. Most people seem to go straight to the operation but because I didn’t fit the statistics for kidney cancer they wanted to be sure it was cancer before they touched mine. 

  • Thanks for replying Kickitvic! Yeah mum went straight to the opz just had chest scan and other scans prior. Just so hoping its stage 1!!! What does stage 2 mean for you now? Xx

  • Hi all, so mum had a letter to say she would have a phone consultation on Tuesday, we are presuming this will be the results of what was taken away during her op. Nervous is an understatement!

    What kind of things might we be expecting to hear, what is a good result? What questions should mum be asking during the call?

    Thanks so much for your support. X