I have Stage 4 Kidney cancer and after radical nephectomy have have 4 rounds if Ipilumab and Nivolumab and 1 of just Nivo but scan showed mixed results with some metastasis in lungs growing and I’m worried about what happens next

I know there are other options to try but at the moment apart from feeling tired feel generally well and am not sure I’d want to undergo treatment that would make me feel unwell and unable to make the most of time while I can 

  • Hi

    Sorry you haven't had better results. I don't know what your treatment path would be next - have they suggested anything to you?

    There are a few of us here on Pazopanib and we're mostly managing brilliantly on it. There are a few side effects, which people experience to a greater or lesser degree, but nothing that's not manageable. I've been on it three years and others longer - it took a little while to get the right dose / manage the effects, but now that I have (and have for a long while) it's great. I need a break every so often for a couple of weeks to reset  / reduce the toxins, but the break sees me really well for long after it's over.

    Life is a little slower, but there's not much that I don't feel that I can do. I'm definitely making the most of my time and at the moment I have no reason to believe that that won't be the case for many more years.