This waiting is the worst

Hi all, me again, I’m having what might call a low day today. I had my CT scan last Friday and get results this Friday morning. I had a full open kidney removal 8 weeks ago and have Mets on lungs. I am dreading the results and worried sick. My oncologist as I have said before was very blunt at the last appt, I have so many questions about all of this. Can the cancer spread further even though tumour and kidney removed successfully, will I have a higher risk of returning cancer elsewhere etc. Don’t expect answers just building up to Friday is nerve wracking, not helped by a colleague of mine dying on Saturday from breast cancer all rather close to home for me and feel selfish about that. My husband is great but works away in the week and gone back to work after being off with me so suppose it’s all just catching up with me now. Sorry for the rant A

  • I also had a radical open nephrecomy and a 125mm tumour removed with the kidney, I also have leisions on a lung. I know many people who have had leisons on their lungs fo 30 years without any issues, so I am not overly bothered by it, I go for my CT scan in March, I went back to work 10 weeks after my operation to try to restore some normallity to my life and try to get a bit fitter, it helps me not think about things.

    Take care of yourself, that is the most important thing, good luck on friday.

  • Thanks Ollie22 I am also wanting to go back to work but wanted to wait to see what happens re scan results first but like you think need to get back to some normality now if I can. Thanks  again for your message A

  • Hi , I  have had lung nodules which they've kept an eye on for at least 10 years. I only went on meds after cyberknife treatment for a brain met in 2013. Then had a treatment break 2016 to 2019 ( 3.5 years) n have only just gone back on them in Oct 2019. Had excellent scan results earlier this month.

    I took early retirement on ill health grounds in April 2014 but due to a minor stroke, nothing to do with cancer.

    Normality takes various forms...


  • Good luck re scan results

    Yes, kidney cancer can come back. But fortunately there are many drugs to treat  any mets n more being developed too. Also, kidney cancer is a,slow grower, 

    You might want to join the Life after cancer group  or even  the Room, where u can have a  good old rant, if u want to.

  • Thanks will update on Friday when I get the results, sorry for my rant earlier in the week just having a bad day!

  • Quite undertandable. .

    Don't ever feel u  have to apologise for  a rant -  we've all been there...