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Pazopanib has made my father so ill, he has been off it since before Christmas, which selfishly I was pleased about as he had a great Christmas being off it!.

He is with his Oncologist today so will see what the next step is. Has anybody experienced this and what was suggested next if he does not continue with it?


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It could be that they suggest a lower dose. I started in 400 went up to 600 then 800. Was too ill on 800 so came back down to 600. I got quite bad last year on 600 but had a two week break in March and got so much better. I went back on it and the side effects were significantly reduced for a few months after. I started to get rough again in November and took another two week break and I’m now great again. We’ve decided to go with 4 months on 2 weeks off to try to prevent the toxicity building too much. That’s a flexible arrangement, more breaks if I need or even want them. 

There was a suggestion in November that I switch meds but I’m happy to try the breaks instead as I know I respond well to them and Pazopanib is working for my cancer. Sunitinib was mentioned.  

hope your dad got on ok today 

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I’m also on 600mg. 800 was just too much. I also have breaks which I think of as resetting the clock. Obviously I’d much rather not need to take them but it’s manageable. Don’t feel selfish about your dad’s great Christmas. He’s entitled to enjoy himself. I hope he can get things sorted out with the medical team. 

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I'm on 600mg too  and have breaks of a week every 3 months or so - then my sense of taste has chance to recover.


Fear of the unknown is the worst thing. Once we know what we're facing, we find the strength to deal with it.
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Thanks for your reply, just waiting for a scan date for him so we can see how its going, there were no decisions made the other day, so we are all a bit in limbo!