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Fantastic news I got at my post op appointment

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went to for my post op appointment yesterday and was told the best news I could ever have, the results came back that my cancer in my kidney  was a low grade one and they are more than confident that I am cancer free no cancer found In the margins ( not quite sure I understand that) but wow, 

i don’t have the words to say how I feel right now, but all the worry and stress has been lifted and the relief is second to none, knowing I don’t have any cancer left behind.

i am to have a scan in 2 weeks to see what’s going on with me internally as I took in a list of everything thing that I feel is not right since the operation, hopefully I will get some answers as why I can’t still walk properly and have so much pain in my groin and leg still, I didn’t see my surgeon I saw someone else who if I am honest had no answers to any of my questions on my list, he kept changing the subject or just saying everyone is different and healing process is never the same, I understand that totally, but feel very disappointed about the after care or lack of it I have received since leaving hospital, I felt like I was out there on my own, so glad I joined this forum, but hey hopefully that will all be rectified when I see my actual surgeon 

Debs x

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Hi @deb1234 Well, u must b feeling so relieved!

Do let us know how u get on at the appointment with your surgeon, post-scan.

Sue x

Fear of the unknown is the worst thing. Once we know what we're facing, we find the strength to deal with it.
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So pleased to hear your good news and I agree that the after care was awful. Some doctors, specialists and nurses don’t have compassion or enough on human relations to interact with us. I’ll be glad when you see your old surgeon. Happy New Year! 

 Live the best you can. Love yourself, then everybody else will love and respect you in turn. Laugh...I don’t laugh enough, that is one thing I should do more of as I take life too seriously. 
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Excellent news Debs!
Clear margins is great news. There's a small amount of tissue taken around the outside edge of the tumour as well as the tumour itself. It means there were no cancer cells in that tissue - so no spread outside the area that was removed.

Hopefully you'll get some answers with your scan regarding your pain and you'll be feeling as good as new as soon as possible!

Lovely New Year news!