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Happy new year to all

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wishing you all a happy new year,

ihave my post op appointment tomorrow, and I am scared to say the least, from the first day I found out I had a mass/complex cyst whatever you want to call it has been very surreal I believe the operation was a success find out 100 percent tomorrow, there are lots of things I am worried about, keep these thoughts to myself to everyone around me, I don’t know what’s normal and what isn’t, 4 weeks post op I am still having difficulty walking properly, I am getting frequent headaches, I keep thinking I should be grateful I am here starting a brand new year,  usually I am a very strong person, but this is so much bigger than I ever imagined, and I am struggling emotionally, I have brilliant support but feel so isolated and lonely, hopefully it will onwards and upwards from tomorrow, sorry to drivel on but it’s easier to type this to strangers than tell anyone close to me 

Debs xx

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Hi /Debs

I would like to join you in wishing you and everyone here a Happy New Year.

It is perfectly normal to worry about your results before you get them and I think all but the most optimistic of us worry about the worst case scenarios, I know that I did.

Other than that I don't think that there is a "normal" as recovery is so individual.  I was doing well in my recovery for about 5 days then got readmitted with a post operative bleed and was in for longer than I was after the initial operation. Some people are running and swimming weeks after surgery but for others it takes longer and is a more gradual process.  Let your body tell you what it needs to do but try and do a bit every day, not easy when it is so miserable outside.

You are always welcome to type here and to those of us that have been through it, it is not drivel.

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow,

love and hugs,

Gragon x