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I had a kidney removed back in July and seem to be making a reasonable recovery. Two problems are worrying me though.

I am waking up three or four times every night needing to urinate, is this normal? Secondly, I am constantly tired but I suppose this is because I keep getting up at night. I've seen my GP but he doesn't really seem interested.

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I had my cancerous right kidney removed over 2 years ago and since then I too urinate more frequently through the night. I also pass much smaller quantities at a time with lack of the pressure I could push it out with before I became ill. I’ve had follow up consultations with urine flow tests as well, these tests are to urinate into a special bucket with an instrument at the bottom of it which measures flow rates. My urology team weren’t at all concerned and my next appointment is next April. I was worrying about these changes in my urine discharging  patterns at first but I’m pretty used to them now. I know two people are never the same but I thought I’de just share my experiences with you. Unfortunately for myself the cancerous renal cells still present in my body have turned up in the illium area on the left side of my pelvis earlier this year. Although not curable they are being controlled at the moment with drug treatment namely Pazopanib (Votrient) caplets which I take daily.  

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I have the same problem as you getting up two to three times a night.  I had a kidney removed in 2017.     Perhaps this is normal as one kidney is doing the job of two.