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Rant - Is it Just Me?

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Having had 3 cancer operations in the last 17 years, I feel that sometimes some family members think I can do this that and other, and take them places when they want. I might be the only one who can drive, yet they seem to forget that with me currently being on targeted therapy I do need my down time, especially at weekends, as during the week I work. I do have my limits and do what I can when I feel up to it. It's like I am sometimes not allowed to say no. 


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Not sure if u want a reply, as you've headed your post "rant", but to me the thing that stood out was your last sentence - "It's like I am sometimes   not allowed to say no"

Ultimately, you're the one who allows yourself to say No. You know you need down time - especially if you're still working- well done you, I say! Have you tried arranging to do things for others when you want, rather than when they do? That would be a start?

Enough from me now, as I reckon really you just wanted to vent.

Btw, did you know about the Room, a group where you can go n just rant, if u want to?

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