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Dad's just been diagnosed with renal cancer and suspected lung mets

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Mainly just posting this because contrary to everyone's advice, I have been doing all the googling after my dad's diagnosis and unsurprisingly have freaked myself out quite a bit! Would be very grateful if anyone could help me out by saying if they've experienced anything similar to my dad x

My dad was diagnosed this past Friday with renal cancer and suspected mets in the lungs. I'm trying to stay hopeful as they're going to take the entire kidney out asap (which is the big one, about 7cm), and the lung nodules appear to be quite small, with the largest being about 5mm. I think we should get a phone call tomorrow or on Thursday to get a more solid treatment plan, but it looks like surgery then immunotherapy for now. Struggling a little though, as I asked the doctor whether smaller meant better, and she essentially said "not necessarily." I totally get that doctors can't go around giving out false hope just in case, but I would have thought that it's better for the mets to be small?

Also, after the kidney is gone, is it likely that my dad (aside from feeling sore and a bit grim post-surgery), will feel better? I'm very worried about my dad's weight loss and fatigue. I went back to uni at the end of August/beginning of September when he seemed pretty healthy, and I came back home yesterday. In that time, he seems to have lost a lot of weight. When I hugged him I was quite shocked at how much smaller he felt. I know weight loss and loss of appetite is usual when you have cancer, but does anyone have any advice for trying to help someone eat? The doctors told him to drink plenty, but I think the liquids are also helping to fill him up so he doesn't want food as much. Plus, the food he does crave, while healthy, is not especially calorific. Is it likely that he'll want to eat more after surgery? I'm trying to reassure myself that this is only going to go on for as long as he has the big one, and as that's coming out soon, maybe I shouldn't worry as much, but I don't really know what to do. He had to briefly go out this morning to delegate some work tasks as he's going to be out of action for a while, and that took it out of him a bit. He spent the day napping on and off and I couldn't get him to eat anything until about an hour ago. 

If anyone has experienced something similar, any story/advice would be greatly appreciated!! x

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Hi .

I was diagnosed with a large tumour on my right kidney, Along with metastases in my lungs, one met in each lung, each being approximately 1 cm. I also have suspected malignant polyps in my gallbladder. All of this is very recent and I only had my right kidney removed four weeks ago (7th November)
The tumour was removed and it was around 9 or 10 cm x 10cm. I went to the Royal free hospital in Hampstead in London and I had it removed using the robot that they have there. I went in on Thursday morning and had the operation later that morning, and I was on my way home on the Saturday afternoon. I do actually feel better even if it is just knowing that the tumour has been removed  I saw my surgeon again this week and he is extremely pleased with my recovery. Physically the wound is healed and I feel much better although still a little bit tired.

As for follow-up treatment originally they planned to give me immunotherapy but unfortunately the Mets I have in my lungs are little too large as they are over 1 cm. Their intention now is to monitor my lungs with a CT scan every three weeks and they will see if they’ve grown. if they have then they will decide on the course of treatment which will probably be chemotherapy. 

Please wish your dad the very very best and a quick and speedy recovery. I’m sure things will go better than you are probably expecting at the moment. Please keep in contact via this group as I have found it very helpful and comforting.

Best wishes for you both,


I’m doing this the only way I can. One day at a time. 
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Hi , as a community champion, may  I welcome you to this group n repeat what said about keeping us updated.

I had a 9cm tumour removed too( some years ago)but  manually. I am on Pazopanib - like many folk in this group.  It's not actually chemo but the side effects are similar. It stops the cancer from developing new blood vessels basically, either in cancer already there or in new sites. There are new drugs being developed all the time for kidney cancer, some "sister" drugs of Pazopanib for instance.

Fear of the unknown is the worst thing. Once we know what we're facing, we find the strength to deal with it.
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Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for your response. 

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better and I hope that your next course of treatment goes smoothly.

I do actually feel somewhat reassured reading your story already. Over the weekend, I think I let myself get bogged down by statistics and spent too much time analysing all the little things that the doctor said, plus nothing has happened yet so it currently feels like the longest wait for treatment in the world even though it certainly isn't! 

Thank you again, wishing you all the very best too and I hope your recovery continues to go well!

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Hi there,

Thank you for your response.

I think I will definitely continue to update to this group! I do feel somewhat better already, it's nice to hear from real people instead of trying to google everything, I think I've definitely learned my lesson on that front! 

So glad to hear that your tumour was removed and that you're doing well some years later. I don't know what drug my dad will be on yet, but the one you're on gives me hope! Just crossing my fingers that the side effects won't be too bad, I'm thinking of making a whole load of soup to try and get my dad to eat a bit more.

Thanks so much and wishing you all the best :)

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Hi again @jess1308, your idea of doing soup sounds a good one. Also adding cream/fullfat milk to meals, having full fat yoghurts- essentially the opposite to a slimming diet. It may be he'll get on better with little n often too.

I take it your mum's  not around, which is why you're thinking of doing the soup yourself?

Btw, the docs can give your dad meds to deal with the side effects of whatever drugs they put him on.

Fingers crossed he'll soon have a treatment plan x

Fear of the unknown is the worst thing. Once we know what we're facing, we find the strength to deal with it.
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Hi again Buttercup!

That's a really great tip, will try and grab some yoghurts as well. His tastes have changed, but normally he's quite a big fan of the strawberry ones so will give it a go!

And my mum is about! I'm just trying to take some of the pressure off :) I came home yesterday, which is just a couple of days after diagnosis, but I didn't realise until then that my dad hadn't been working for a couple of weeks due to symptoms, so she's been doing her job on weekdays, plus some of his business stuff on weekends, so she's been completely shattered! Plus, I have younger sisters, and she's trying to focus on them too. I only have one more uni essay to go, but other than that it's me and my dad home in the daytime, so I'm attempting to take on some more of the housework like cooking and cleaning. I also don't think she's been able to see how little he's been eating, so I plan on trying to gently persuade him to eat little bits as often as I ca.

And I didn't know that! I just thought that they had to lower the dosage if the side effects were bad which scared me a bit because I thought that if it's less strong, it might be less effective? I have no idea though, I am definitely not a doctor :') 

Thank you so much for your advice and reassurance, it's really helpful and I appreciate it so much x