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Kidney cancer

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Kidney cancer spread to the liver

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A year ago November 6th i had a 14cm tumor on my kidney that travelled towards my heart in the vena cava had a radical nephreptomy and a bypass my post CT scan after the operation showed a dot on my liver my last CT scan a few wks ago confirmed a 4x5x1 cm tumor i am waiting on surgery now has anyone else had this please if so how did the surgery go thanks. 

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I don't have any experience of this to share with you but I noticed that your post hadn't had any responses yet. This could be because it's 'fallen' off the first page so by replying to you it will 'bump' it back to the top of the first page where it'll be seen again.

While you're waiting for replies you could use the search facility within the group to search for older posts which mention what has happened to you.

You might also like to join and post this question in the secondary liver cancer group as there may be people over there who have had the same experience as you. To join just click on the link I've created and then choose 'join this group' on the page that opens. 

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Hi. A few weeks ago around my 40th birthday I was told I have renal cancer. The growth on my kidney is 6cm. It spread to my hip then to my liver. 9.6cm on my liver. All this with no side effects. I was getting sick for around a week so had some bloods done and from there it was all a bit mad. I’m currently having immunotherapy treatment with my first being last Friday. So far so good regarding side effects although I know there is a loooong road ahead. I have two children  (13,11) they’re helping me as well as a great family around me. I feel lucky to have them all. Before I was diagnosed I had never been in contact with anyone close who’d been diagnosed. So it’s all new to me. I’m doing a lot of research and staying as positive as I can taking each day as it comes. I’m seeing it as a challenge I have to win. Sorry if I’ve gone on. I hope you are well.