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Kidney cancer possible bone mets

Oli 7
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Hi i am writing for my best friend who has recently been diagnosed with a 5.5cm tumour on her liver.. she has 3 small kids and is so scared and in shock from her diagnosis.  She is due to have her kidney removed in 2 weeks. Her Gp has said that the ct scan has shown lesions on her bone in a few places and the radologist has reported it as concerning for possible bone metastasis.. she met with the surgeon who said he does not think those lesions are concerning but worse case senario and it is bone mets that ut will be very treatable but she is still very worried.  Im trying to see if there are any positivr stories from anyone that may help her and make her less scared.  Thanks

Oli 7
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Sorry i meant tumour on her kidney not liver 

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Hi @Oli 7

First of all,some of us here have had tumours removed almost  twice that size ( not boasting, just reassuring!)

The other thing is that kidney cancer is a slow grower compared to other cancers.  There  are also a number of drugs to treat secondary kidney cancer and more being developed all the time.

Hope what I've said feels positive enough for your friend.

U might consider joining the Family and friends group as well as this one, then you can get some support for yourself while supporting her..Could u put a bit in your profile too, so that folk know where you're coming from?


Fear of the unknown is the worst thing. Once we know what we're facing, we find the strength to deal with it.
Oli 7
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Thanks so much for ur reply thats great to know i will pass that onto her thank u

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Hi Oli 7  sorry to hear about your friend, it is worrying, yes I agree. Im sure she will be just fine x  I had a cyst on my left kidney 11 cms x 9cms x 6 cms. I had it removed along with the left kidney 6 weeks ago and I am doing absolutely fine now  The operation wasnt a problem at all. Ok, I was a bit sore afterwards, only to be expected but was up, out of bed and walking around the following day. I went into hospital on the Wednesday, had the op and went home on the Friday. I'm still recovering, the scar is still a little sore and I get the odd twinge now and again, my problem is I'm impatient and sitting around isn't me but I've learnt rest is important so I'm resting where poss x

Love and hugs

Ethelmay x
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really sorry that you've had to find yourself here. Please tell your friend that kidney cancer outlooks are really positive!

I had my kidney removed 5 years ago and I now do have bone mets. I have a small one in my skull and my main one is in my breastbone. I've been on a drug called Pazopanib for three years so far - and I've had no growth at all in the original mets and no new ones.

When I first started the treatment my nurse told me about patients that she'd had on Pazopanib for 5 years - that was as long as it had been approved for - and they were totally stable and doing well. Pazopanib is only the first line of treatment. When this eventually stops working there are more treatments to try. The other thing is that kidney cancer is at the very forefront of breakthrough treatments currently  - so we have a huge amount to be very positive about.

The kidney removal is the first step. It's painful in the very initial stages and she'll definitely benefit from as much help as you can give her, particularly with three children, but hopefully she'll recover quickly and easily from it - although she needs to be kind to herself and not put herself under too much pressure! I was back at work in 4 1/2 weeks and the main thing I found was that I tired quite easily initially.

Just ask any questions that you / she needs to.

Lots of luck!