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bloating and tenderness nearly three months after radical nephrectomy

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hi all,

My partner was diagnosed with a T3 tumour back in July and had a radical nephrectomy August 13th.

He had a wound infection but had been recovering fairly well but the last couple of weeks his abdomen has become tender and swollen and he’s getting increasingly tired.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you! 

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Hi pugs2411

I didn't experience this at all. Do you have a nurse specialist? I'd be asking for someone to see him quite quickly, that doesn't sound right at all.

Tired yes. Apparently that's quite normal. My surgeon said that most people experience fatigue in the middle of the afternoon for quite a long time (up to a year) after the op and need a nap. But if it's more than that - then again, no I wouldn't expect that.

Hope he is ok.

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thanks for the reply. went to see GP who thought it might be urine retention so we were sent to A&E. it wasn’t that. they did a blood a urine test plus a x-ray. only thing that showed up was a slight infection so they gave him uv fluids and iv antibiotics and sent him home and was told to wait for his CT scan sometime this month.

after that he said he had the best nights sleep in months and seemed a lot brighter but again this evening seems so anxious cos he said his tummy is big and he feels very tired so started googling (argh). it’s difficult to know what to say as he’s very anxious and is so worried about a recurrence.

His tumour was 9.5cm and T3 M0 M0. there was tumour spillage during the op so this is weighing on his mind that and he was told that although predominately moderate grade cells there were some high grade so he’s classed as high grade.