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Post op result.

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New to the forum so hope this is the right section to post this to.

I was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer and had my right kidney removed.

A7 weeks after the operation I had a post-op interview with the surgeon who said that on the Leibovich scale I scored 0, which is good.

However, today I have received a copy of a letter to my GP that says it was a clear cell carcinoma, Fuhrman Grade II, T1a, completely excised. All margins Leibovich 0.

It's the Fuhrman grade II, T1a I don't understand because I assumed before I received this letter that I had a grade 1 cancer, but now it looks as if I had a grade 2 and the chances of it returning have increased.

Can anyone shed any light on this, please?

Thank you.

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that is a fantastic result. My histology also showed furhman grade 2 which is considered low risk of return. I had T1b which means the tumour is larger than 4cm but smaller than 7 cm. your tumour was less than 4cm therefore T1a. Your leibovitch score of 0 is fantastic. Mine was 2 because of the larger tumour. I get six monthly follow ups and have been told there’s very little chance of recurrence. Hope this clarifies things.

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Thanks for that, it does set my mind a little easier.

It was the Fuhrman Grade II that worried me which I assume means it was a grade 2 tumour rather than a grade 1, which is what I thought it was, and therefore much less likely to spread.

I will be getting 6 monthly scans for the next 3 years which hopefully will all be clear but until then I suppose it is natural to be terrified that it has spread or will return.

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I'd say that's definitely a great result! If it helps put your mind any further at ease my friend was grade 3 and has been clear 7 years now.

Fear is the one thing we all live with, but it gradually gets better in a surprisingly reasonable amount of time. Each scan will give you a bit more confidence. 

I'd be feeling very positive if I were you.

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Thank you Jo, that's reassuring. As you say, fear is something we live with unfortunately.  I am going to have a private CT scan shortly for extra peace of mind.