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Partial nephrectomy: follow up & histology

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Hi, I had a partial nephrectomy two weeks ago and have a follow up appointment to discuss histology etc in two weeks time. The surgeon warned me that he thought he'd removed a cancer not a benign tumour.

Apparently I am seeng a specialist nurse not a consultant. I think she is going to explain any follow up check etc which I think run for several years? 

Should I be insisting on seeing a consultant? What should I expect in terms of follow up? What questions should I be asking?

Also for some months now (before I even knew there was a problem with my kidney) I've had aches in my lower stomach. I've always put this down to having IBS but now wondering if it's more than this. Could I/should I be asking them to check this, do a CT scan etc?

All advice gratefully received. Thanks

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Hello william999, welcome to the kidney cancer group, where you'll find lots of support from ppl in a similar situation to you.I think you'll be seeing a urology nurse specialist, but u could ask to see the surgeon/ oncologist instead.

Follow ups are usually by CT scans every 6 to 12 months, tho may be more frequent if there are particular things they want to check up on.

Take a list of questions with you n someone else to write the answers down if possible, then u can refer to them later.

The sort of questions are the ones you've mentioned here, eg about aches in your lower stomach. A CT scan would show if it was something other than IBS.

I get the feeling chere are a lot of what ifs behind your post 

Easier said than done I know, but try n focus on the here and now, rather than what ifs and deal with things as and when they come up.

Hope that's helpful

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