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Had my partial nephrectomy 3 days ago. Stomach v uncomfortable

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hi all. A month ago I thought I was a heathy 55 yr and now I’m wobbling about having had part of my kidney removed with robotic surgery. A bit of a shock. It was 4.8cm and the surgeon said it had started to grow into the vein. He thinks he got it all out but is pretty sure it’s cancer. Now waiting for the histology but finding this forum very helpful and feeling ok about it all at the moment

I’m sure it’s normal but when I’m lying down and turn over or take a step that slightly jars,  the organs in my stomach seems to flop about, loosely. It’s very uncomfortable and feels a bit alarming.  Don’t know what’s happening or why they all seem loose. Feel like I need to put some cable ties in there to hold everything together! Is this feeling normal? Anything I should (or shouldn’t) do?


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its a weird feeling but totally normal! I could feel my bowel moving into the space left by my kidney when I turned over in bed! It settled down after about three weeks.

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I had this too. I didn’t have the robot or a partial but when they go in from the front they have to move stuff to get to the back and the kidney and it all has to settle. My core was totally shot after my op and I ended up with a slipped disc

the other odd thing I had was feeling squashed on the inside when flying for about 12 months. It was the most bizarre feeling and apparently not uncommon. 

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That makes sense Jo. I had a radical nephrectomy n the surgeon had  to go in at the front. He apologized afterwards n I said I was never going to wear a bikini anyway lol. ( I was overweight then n am now more so due to steroids)

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